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The holiday season is in full swing. One week from today is Christmas Eve. Where did this year go? 

So many of you are doing last minute shopping, checking your gift lists, preparing your menus. Others are packing suitcases and getting ready to hit the road for annual family gatherings. 

Others… many elderly, widows, widowers, empty nesters…they are counting the days until Christmas is over because the memories of what was and what isn’t any more weighs heavily on their minds.

I find myself betwixt and between. I am extremely blessed to be able to spend this holiday with one of my sons, his wife, and their three young men. I am very happy and looking forward to our time together.

But there is also a piece of heavy heart inside…

I remember the Christmases at my parent’s home in Michigan. We were guaranteed snow, snowball fights, card games, board games, endless food, and the largest tree my mom could find as seven brothers and sisters with their families in tow descended on that house on the hill. We camped out wherever we could pull out a blow up mat or sofa sleeper and we had several days of family unity.

Those days are gone. Parents, husbands, siblings are gone and I miss them more and more each day.

But I am sooo grateful I had those times to build those memories.

My Christmas wish for every one of you is simply build your memories. Fill your hearts with gratitude and love. Love takes you a long, long way on cold, lonely nights.


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