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The Amish Suspect

Alone Injured Afraid

Mary Kate Lapp wakes up covered in blood and holding a gun. Two of her best friends are dead. Since she is the only survivor and her injuries have left her with amnesia of the event, the sheriff arrests her for murder. 

Caleb Beiler, a friend of both the victims and Mary Kate, is shocked and devastated when he comes upon the scene. He tries to suspend his judgmental tendencies and believe in Mary Kate’s innocence, but against the lack of any other suspects and mounting evidence of her guilt, he is finding it increasingly difficult despite his deep affection for her.

While the entire community is threatened and it becomes evident that Mary Kate is harboring a deep secret, the bond forming between Mary Kate and Caleb is tested to the core. Will Mary Kate be able to prove her innocence? Will Caleb be strong enough to trust her, trust God, and continue to love the Amish suspect?


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